Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bomboloni (Custard Puff donuts)

Bomboloni all Crema
Custard filled Donut - Italian cream filled donuts

All I can say, is this is a donut full of sugar, dough and custard. One donut is just not enough, but too many equals days of calorie burning.

I have kept this recipe in my "to cook" file for months. Taken from the food blog "La Mia Vita Dolci" translated "my Sweet life" by Grace Massa Langlois, an Canadian, Belgian born, Italian heritage, food blogger, who due to a tragic past, and current circumstances has cooked and blogged this and many other old time Italian pastries. 

I was lucky to take a pic with my phone before we all indulged. The warm smell of the custard and aroma given from the doughnut (orange zest, and vanilla) filled the room. Even I was impressed that the recipe worked on my first attempt. 

This is certainly worth the wait.  I must admit, it is a lot of preparation and hard work, but worth the effort. 

The dough is made fresh by hand, and there is a little of kneading and rising time (similar to making pizza dough). 

I won't post the recipe, as  I think its worth viewing the blog I found as the instructions are very well written.