Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rosquillas - Spanish Doughnuts

Crunchie Donuts made by my mother in law.

Not your usual size cinamon donuts, but a little smaller and crunchier, sprinkled with sugar. They are yum.
I will post the ingredients soon. But here is the link I found online but I'll post her personal ingredients as well. (the pic below is my mother in laws cooking, smell great)

My Vege Garden Success - Potatoes


Whilst picking my 42 cucumbers, we stumbled across what we thought was a weed. Well little to our surprise that weed turned out to be a large crop of potatoes. These weren't my usual tiny little spuds (as a result of premature picking), these were your off the shelf, top of the range, large potatoes.
I may open a stall next season if my success continues.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Harvesting Time - Cucumbers


With all this rain and sunshine, my spring crops are ready to be picked. As I was cleaning out the weeds from my vege garden, I noticed two large cucumbers. As I continued to clean out the weeds, I found a further 42 large cucumbers laying undercover beneath the large leaves. Yes 42 large cucumbers. So I filled 5 grocery bags and delivered them to all my neighbours.