Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wicking Bed (my new vege patch)

I have been reading up on Wicking Beds. Self watering vege patch, with a water reservoir built beneath the soil, which due to "capillary action"  allows the roots of your veges to feed off when required. Like dipping a tissue in a glass of water (watch the water rise)

Here is my step by step.
Firstly - the cost does add up. It looks simple, but it is time consuming.
All Materials were bought from Bunnings and my local landscaping supplier.

Materials below are for a  600mm high, 2.4m long by 1.2m wide bed.
Approx 600mm total depth, 300mm soil and 300mm for the water reservoir

9 x 2.4m long Cherry wood sleepers (200mm width) $14each at Bunnigs
Builders plastic
Geotextile material to seperate the blue metal to the soil
1 tonne of Blue metal (or similar) $70 a tonne (equivalant to 1 trailer)
8 x 30Litre  bags of Organic compost (2 bags for $12 @ Flower Power)
8 x 30 Litre good potting mix ($varies)
2m length, 90mm PVC pipe (drill holes in the pipe)
2 x 90mm PVC caps
1 x 90mm elbow
1m x 90mm PVC pipe (this is your pipe to fill water into)
300mm length 90mm PVC pipe for you overflow
90mm Bracket

Step 1 - Build your box
Set out your timber box,2.4m x 1.2m x 600mm high, and line with builders plastic.(fix with staple gun)
Ground must be level before you lay your plastic.

Step 2
Add a layer of Blue metal, 50mm high, then lay your slotted pipe on top.

Step 3
At 250mm high, install your overflow pipe to the side of the box.

Lay the balance of the box,  to about 300mm high with blue metal.

Step 4
Lay your geotextile material on top of the blue metal, to seperate the soil.
Lay the organic compost.

 Step 5
 Lay the soil

 Step 6
 I havent as yet, but I would also put a layer of straw, or mulch on top prior to planting.
 Plant away. (17th March)