Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eton Mess (strawberrys & cream with a twist of meringues)

Well I saw the true Domestic Godess, Nigella Lawson, make this on her show, and quickly set out to prove to all that this is a real easy desert dish to make when entertaining many guest.

With Spring at our doorstep, the strawberry farmer in Luddenham, NSW, is selling these large red strawberries picked daily from his farm, for $10 a box.


  • Strawberries                 4 Punnets (or more)
  • Castor Sugar                2 TeaSpoons
  • Pomegranate Juice        2 TeaSpoons (but I found mine at IGA in Luddenham)
  • Thickened Cream         2 Cups
  • Meringue Nest              4 (normally purchase in a pack of 4) or a Pavlova base.

Chop the strawberries in half or quarters. (leave a hand full for decoration later)
Sprinkler the castor sugar and Pomegranate juice over the strawberries in a large bowl and leave aside.

Whip the cream (I used my mix master, or a hand blender) until the cream is thick but forms soft peaks when you lift up the hand blender.

Crumble the meringue bases with your hands and mix it into the whipped cream. (at this point mix with a wooden spoon, or on low speed in your mix master).

Slowly add half the strawberries into the cream and meringue and mix by wooden spoon. Then add the balance, and slowly mix.

Serve in a glass desert bowl, and add the left over strawberries on the top for decoration.

The above ingredients is enough for 4. But as you do it over and over again, you will soon learn how much you need to serve a party of 10.

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