Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Search for the Best Red Velvet Cupcakes

My family and I took on the challenge to find the best Red Velvet Cupcake in the US. There are thousands of cupcake shops in every state we travelled to.  Many of them always packed to the rafters with customers.

Yes we found Magnolia Bakery in NYC and to my surprise they were very nice (especially with the cheese cream topping. We also found a bakery called "crumbs" who had a gigantic version of the Red velvet. It too was Yum, with a huge serving of buttercream and white chocolate sprinkles on top.

Off to New Jersey to the famous Carlos Bakery in Hoboken. And Yes they too had a Red Velvet. And to our surprise it was very nice. As a matter of fact all of Buddys cakes were better than what I anticipated them to be, (but not as good as Pasticceria Papa's in Haberfield).  Papa still has the best custard horns, ricotta cake. and cannolies. Las Vegas also had its fair share of Red Velvets. From the new "Sugar Factory" on the main strip, not only selling Red Velvets, but also $30 Chuppa Chupps (made of Gold perhaps!!!), but also the "Cheese Cake Shop" had a great Red Velvet.
To the south in Florida, you can only imagine, even Disney had a red velvet mickey mouse style cupcake.
Then off to San Francisco. Many bakeries. Including Starbucks claim to have the best Red Velvet cupcakes.

Well not sure who wins. They were all yum. Carlos Bakery had the very best moist cupcake. Magnolia had  fresh cupcakes made on the premises as we were waiting (so they too were nice).
Crumbs had the biggest and most calories.

Soooooo the decision is undecided. Keep on trying.

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