Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gordon Ramsay's Burger Bar Las Vegas

Jan 2014 - Burgers are still good. This time I had the Americana Bgr.  Garlic fries are excellent.  Great atmosphere.  Waited at the bar for only 15 min (pretty good for the USA).

Within the bright lights and sin city of Las Vegas, lies Gordon Ramsays latest culnery fab. Its called "BURGR", note the GR initials that make up Burger/Gordon Ramsay.

Located within the Planet Hollywood Casino (Miracle Mile Shops).

This is worth the 40minute wait. 

Simple menu of hamburgers, fries and hot dogs spelt DAWGS.

Atmosphere is that of a typical US sports bar, with Plasmas all around, a bar at the front for those that want a quick eat, or table setting inside, overlooking the open kitchen. You can even request to sit on a bench facing the kitchen. 

No sign of Gordo, but Im sure some of he chefs are easy recognisable from one of his many TV shows. 

Chanterelle Burger - Mushroom $16 

Sweet Potatoe Fries, sprinkled with Vanilla sugar.  $9

I give it a 8/10 rating. I still enjoy my San Fran Burgers at Hubert Kellers, Burger Bar

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