Monday, June 6, 2011

My Pizza Menu

Prosciutto and Ricotta

All my pizza bases are simply covered with home made sauce and mozzarella cheese (sliced and spread ontop of the sauce).
Once the pizza is cooked -remove from oven then place on the prosciutto and ricotta.
Both the prosciutto and ricotta will cook and melt from the heat of the pizza.
Dont cook the prosciuto in the oven, as it will burn and taste like fried ham and lose its authentic taste.
If so you can add opions olives and mushrooms as a variety when cooking the pizza.

Garlic Pizza

My wife crushes one or two cloves of garlic (useing the hand held garlic crusher), and mixes it in with a 1/3 cup of olive or vegetable oil.
Sprinkle some herbs if you wish.
mix it together.

Then with a spoon spread over the pizza. Dont over do it. And be sure to spread the garlic from the oil.
I always keep the edge of the pizza free from any sauces or oil. I added my famous mozzarella on top of the pizza. Again only slices of mozzarella spread evenly.

Paesanella  Mozzarella

The best cheese to use on your pizza base is buffalo Mozzarella. This is "White" cheese, not your "yellow" fake cheese bought in bags from your local grocery store. Any good Deli will sell great Mozzarella. The best Mozz is from "Paesanella". These guys have been around (factory in Marrickville, and reseller in Haberfiled) for centuries.  Just cut into thin slices and place over your pizza and let it melt on top of your sauce.

By the way if you are ever in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, you need to stop by Vitos Deli for fresh Muzz sandwhiches.

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