Thursday, January 3, 2013


Coffee in Sydney has BOOMED over the last few years, and only gets better. I mean its always been around, but cafes are getting more and more popular, and more so trendy, pending on what coffee blends are served.

Im attempting to blog about some of the cafes serving great coffee and cakes, that I have come across in Sydney.

A Coffee machine at home helps, so you can bring back the blend and see if it tastes as good at home as it does at the cafe.

Im not suggesting that my list below is the best coffee (as there is always someone that will disagree), but it will list some examples of the best coffee served in Sydney, and some of the new Cafe's around.

My coffee of the month has been CAMPOS for some time. Since I stumbled across the Newtown flagship store a few years ago (which Ive been told is almost 10 years old), many more cafes have opened since, serving Campos Coffee.

This must be the trendiest coffee in sydney, not only for its taste, but also for their eye catching army green cups. Very disctinctive, and a relief when you see someone holding one of these cups when your'e in an unfamilair area. (A cafe serving CAMPOS is near by).

Some of the cafes I have visited are located around Glebe, Newtown, Marrickville and found Campos coffee served in a cafe in southern suburb of Picton.

So Newtown, Flagship Campos cafe. I would count almost 8 people working behind the counter on a busy weekday between the hours of 7am and 10am. 4 Baristas working furiously, and 4 serving the anxoius Campos lovers queing out the door.

Cafe is tiny, with limited seating within the store, but majority of customers are take outs.

They offer many different blends, from quality beans around the world. There website explains further.

I give this a 9/10.

Chrysler Coffee Bar
127 Castlereagh Street (entry to Piccadilly arcade), Sydney. They have three other cafes in Sydney.
Great smooth blend of coffee, thats not too bitter. Staff here are also great. Hint, you may get a free pastry when ordering a 3.30pm coffee !!

I also give this a 9/10


Dulce Luna Viennoiserie - 66 King street, Sydney 
The newly refurbished 66 King Street building has a touch of Paris brought to Sydney. Not only has a new French themed pub has opened, "Le Pub", so to has Dulce Luna Cafe serving French style pastries, with a touch of Argentinian & Viennese influence. 
THE PASTRIES ARE little croissant type pastries with a sweet glaze.
COFFEE - Delano Coffee 

Dulce Luna is Spanish for "half moon" which is a Argentinian famous pastry, shaped as a half moon. 
Viennoiserie is the French name given to bakeries that specialise in Viennese style baked pastries made from a laminated dough but with added ingredients to give them a richer and sweeter character.

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