Thursday, January 3, 2013


Grimaldis Pizza Pie 

I have an obsession with looking for the perfect pizza. Thin and simple.
Many pizza chefs have their own style, and claim they have the best pizza in town, but at least I like to compare and taste the many "Best" pizzas Sydney has to offer and pizzas from around the world.

Click onto the names to their website. No particular order. Im sure this list will grow, and

Im sure there are places I havent visited, and perhaps have just as good pizza's, and Im keen to  try. 

  • La Disfida -Haberfield
    • Wood fire Oven. Very thin authentic Italian pizza. Great selection of home made pasta also. 
    • We keep on going back to this place. Great atmosphere. 

  • Campbelltown - Fillippos at Macarthur Tavern Campbelltown
    • Wood Fire Oven. Thin Pizza. Pizza chef has been trained by the best italian pizza chef. 

  • Rosso Pomodoro - Balmain
    • Very thin Pizza. Dont ask for Hawaiin or Pineapple here. Very authentic. Loved it.

  • Pizzeria Bullucci - La Piazza Bankstown Sports Club
    • Wood fire oven. Loved what they have done here. Little italy inside the sports club. Pizza'a are great. Thin and basic.

  • Ventuno - Walsh Bay
    • Wood fire oven. Great position at Walsh Bay (Sydney Harbour). Thin Pizza's. One size per person. 

  • Franks Pizza - Forest Lodge/ Camperdown 
    • Normal Pizza Oven. Medium thickness (not to thin, not too thick). Cash only. Great spot. Franks has been around for decades, and moved down the road to a new location a couple of years ago. Nothing over the top. If you cant get in, then across the road is Deus Cafe. More than just pizza slices, set in a garage style environment. 

  • La Rosa Bar & Pizza - Strand Arcade Sydney
    • I love this place, especially the building its located in. Great traditional pizza, and they do takeaway. 
    • Located opposite Pendolino (run by the same owners) - great wine selection. 
New York
  • Grimaldis - Under the Bridge Brooklyn and Hoboken
    • Massive New York style Pizza, cooked in a coal oven. Thin but not too thin. 
San Francisco
  • Pizzeria Delfina -  about a15 minute cab ride from the heart of San Fran. 2 locations. We went to the 18th Street location. and yes, be prepared to wait  (no bookings). Put your name on the blackboard and wait for your name to be called. Its worth the wait. Great Thin pizza'a and pasta. And for desert walk up the road (approx 100m) to Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop, and try their salted caramel icecream. This is a webisode I found whilst surfing the net for Pizza in San Fran. Great website also for Pizza fans. Pizza Quest
Digressing a little away from Pizza, whilst in San Fran you need to eat at these spots.
  • Best Hamburgers Hubert Keller's Burger Bar (located on the 6th Floor at Macys Geary street entrance).
  • Desert two levels up (level 8) at the Cheesecake factory (beware of long wait). 
  • Pancakes - If you are in San Fran for Breakfast, you can't miss pancakes at Sears. They serve the best Swedish pancakes. Great cosy cafe/restaurant. Lovely in winter. 439 Powell Road. and yes be prepared to stand in a que. 

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